Booking Parties/Events

If  you wish to  hire Take 5 for a birthday, student night, DJ promotion night party, New Year Eve’s party, etc   either talk to a member of staff or phone us on 07799451828. Likewise you may be interested in organising a dinner or lunch buffet, work lunch or group working breakfast, leaving do etc,  or even put on an exhibition.

Take 5 Cafe

Party Hire  (from 8/9/10pm – 4am or earlier)
Take 5 is one of the leading and safest venues in Bristol for small sized parties for events such as DJs promoting themselves, birthday or student parties, leaving do’s and charity nights etc on weekends. This is because we have a long established reputation for being responsible, safe, affordable and friendly. We have a strict non-violence policy, involving being firm but fair, and ensuring the safety of our customers. There is a strict door check policy, with entry for only those invited. Drunkenness, disorderly or loud behaviour is not tolerated. Our staff are people who are educated, courteous, polite, alert and tactful.

These parties usually involve a hire charge as you will utilise the cellar, the cafe, bar and smoking area at the back, as well as security. You will have to provide your own music system, which can be rented out quite cheaply nowadays, and arrange with us a suitable time for decoration etc, according to the theme of your party.

Some of the things you will have to mention on your flyers or Facebook once you have booked a party with us are: a) no BYO, b) cash only, c) no entry for drunken persons, d) zero tolerance policy towards violence or any form of rudeness, and e) smoking only in the backyard. You will have to shut off your music five minutes before4am at the latest as we have strict licensing regulations to comply with.

You may decide to have dinner with your friends at our cafe beforehand. Please read below for information about dinners.

Ideally, we advise you to pre-book with us for dinners involving quite a few people, and connected to special events like birthdays, stag/hen nights, leaving dos, etc. We will be able to agree on price, food and service. We provide for both buffets, as well as sit down meals. You can also bring your own music for this in the form of a playlist on your laptop or iPod, which can be linked to our sound system. We also allow customers to bring their own birthday cakes.

Our dinners are usually wonderful events involving our homemade curries, pilau rice, naan breads, salads, pickles and chutneys at an average price of £10 per person. We will decorate the table with candles, flowers etc to make it special for you. The licensed bar is open for you to buy drinks and we do not rush you during your dinner. A sample dinner menu for party dinners is on the Now Serving page of this site.

Christmas Parties
Take 5 Café is also an exciting venue for Christmas parties, which are colourful with Christmas crackers, wine and champagne. Please contact us to arrange price, menu and other details to suit yourself. The food can range from £10 per person for an Indian Christmas dinner to more for traditional turkey, goose, lamb, or vegetarian roasts complete with puddings and tea/coffee.

Take 5 Café has been used by many local organisations and even the City Council and local political parties for catering events over the years. We also cater for engagements and wedding dinners. This is because we are efficient, fast, clean, reliable, tasty and affordable. Catering can range from finger food, to a full-blown dinner.