Here, you will find some of our latest ideas and tips to do with cooking, recipes and nutrition. Cooking is one of Jake’s passions and he is versatile in cooking from different cultures, as well as fusion and futuristic food. Some of his recipes have been handed down by word and mouth through his family ancestors, and others are common among Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Thai homes. Yet others are Jake’s own time-tested creations involving locally sourced UK ingredients from farmers markets etc. Check this space regularly as Jake is a prolific writer, loving to share his recipes with you. Jake’s other members of staff have their own specialities that they will share as well, such as Anna and her cakes and Matthew with his vegan cooking skills.

If you love to learn how to cook, we can arrange some cooking lessons at Take5 specially tailor made according to your needs at a low cost. Alternatively , keep a small recipe notebook or create a space in your ipod and whenever you are at Take 5, ask me to explain to you a few recipes or show you what I am cooking in the cafe kitchen.

I  do not wish to just rattle off recipes to you here as you can get millions of them on the internet from lay persons to professionals. Rather,  I  prefer to introduce you to the philosophy of cooking so you understand the reasons,  structures, chemistry and the science behind booking.  This will help you cook with more confidence and learn the art of cooking quickly, and empower you to  develop your own cooking genre, and experiment as well as explore in your kitchen .

The Building Blocks of a good Indian curry

Thu 25 November 2010 08:47

I can sense a lot of nervousness sometimes in people when they are shopping to make an Indian curry or as they cook it. Basically there are 5 ingredients that are usually at the root of a curry. Curry is a very loose word for the majority of sauces in which meat, vegetables or the both are served asian style.
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How My Mom Made Chicken Curry

Mon 15 November 2010 02:53

This is a secret I am going to share with you.Being her blue eyed boy,I derived great inspiration in seeing my mother getting happier by the minute as she saw large amounts of raw fresh indian masala coming together.Those days we had chicken curry only on sundays.
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Secrets of Thai Green Curry

Mon 4 October 2010 01:31

Thai green curry has slowly become a very popular dish in this country. At Take 5 cafe we have cooked Thai green curries for 14 years because it is constantly in high demand! It transports one back to South East Asia.
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Cooking lentils(dall)

Sun 3 October 2010 02:31

Dall or lentils are high sources of protein and very tasty. There are all sorts of lentils of different colours. Cooking lentils involves 3 usual steps.
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Home-made chilli pickle

Sat 2 October 2010 12:01

Chilli pickles bought from grocers can be sour and full of preservatives. The recipe below is a great favourite I created , which is even loved by my private Asian friends with a 'classy' taste!pickles at home.
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